Where Are My Angels?

Bill Risby and I were commissioned to write, perform and produce this track for Plan Australia – these advertisements ran in a cinemas around Australia.

Library album vocals

The anonymity of singing on library albums is a marvellous and freeing thing but I so love this track that I want to shout it to the world! I was lucky enough to sing lead vocal on this  – just one of the many amazing tracks that Brydon Stace has written, played all instruments, produced (and usually sings all parts) over the years for his library albums. I had a bit of a hand in the lyrics but it is mostly Brydon’s handywork.


Gi Dussault just emailed me to say that “Everybody Need A Little Love” from “Whisper My Name” is on-air at the moment with The Upper Room with Joe Kelley” (WVOF 88.5 FM Fairfield, CT , Mondays 4-8 pm EST).

The show has been on the radio airwaves since 1982 and is also now aired on Live 365 which is a 24 hour internet show.

Joe Kelley and Gi Dussault co-host the show and are well-respected in the music business as creative air personalties and supporters of independent musicians.
The show features creative music in funk, r&b, jazz, blues, latin, and gospel.
Check out www.upperroomwithjoekelley.com for more info.


Not content with just one launch party we decided to do a month of performances in March 2003.

And a very busy and successful month it was, with the highlights being Friday nights at Sydney’s prestigious Wine Banc, the shooting of a live DVD at Wine Banc (thanks Grant Sassall) and an exhilarating outdoor performance at The Opera Bar at Circular Quay.

Oh…and loads of cd sales!

March 28 marked the official release party at Wine Banc to celebrate the Australian release of the album. According to management at Wine Banc it was a record crowd!

Special thanks to my amazing band…Bill Risby (piano), Peter Northcote (guitar), Victor Rounds (bass) and the album’s producer, Kere Buchanan (drums).