It was an absolute joy to encourage other singers and watch them blossom on The Voice in my role as Co-Executive Producer – Music, and I was definitely singing and surrounded by music everyday, but there certainly wasn’t any time for me to hit the stage. So it is time for me to do that again… And, to create and write again … And to find new and exciting ways to utilise all of the skills that I have gathered over the last …a-hum …30 years or so! And so, dragonflymusic is now launched into the world….

dfly baby

“dragonflymusic is a boutique music consultancy that continues to blossom out of over 30 years of experience in the industry on both performance and production stages. From ground level performance coaching and repertoire guidance for young singers to casting and executive music production at the highest levels of the touring and television entertainment industry, we have the expertise and specialist base poised and waiting in the wings to take on your music needs from every angle and in every direction…”

Whilst I have many and varied wonderful things arriving on my doorstep now to keep me busy, I am really excited about 2 new projects in particular. One is the creation of an animation project, Willow’s Whimsical World, with gifted mixed media artist, Jennifer Bedford that is currently in negotiations with a production partner and the other, a fantastical music-based television drama for teenagers with celebrated children’s tv personality and voice-over artist, Joanna Moore.

So there is lots going on and, of course, all bookings for vocal work can be done either here or through dragonflymusic.com 

Manly Jazz Festival 2016

Louise and her sensational band had yet another amazing visit to Manly in October 2016 to perform on the very windy but wonderful Oceanfront stage to close the 2016 Jazz Festival. A record audience witnessed the fun with Louise adding some fantastic new songs to her versatile set – most ably assisted, as always, by Peter Northcote (guitar), Warren Trout (drums), Nick Sinclair (bass), Scott Aplin (keys) and delicious guest vocals and a duet or two from Glenn Whitehall & Rachelle Medley.

Joni’s Facebook Reminder

My love of Joni’s music is no secret to all who know me and I have been supremely blessed to take part in some amazing concerts celebrating her music over the last few decades.

It all started back in 1999 when a group of us, led by the gorgeous Rachel Gaudry decided to put on a show at The Basement in Sydney. It was definitely a labour of love, as is the intricacy of Joni’s work. A true collaborative effort between all musicians and singers made our very first show one of the most extraordinary experiences I have ever had on stage. Apparently over 100 people were turned away that night from The Basement doors, but those who were inside that room celebrated as one. We quickly followed with a return booking and then revisited the project again in 2004.

Our very first line-up, featuring Rachel Gaudry, Sarah McGregor, Tania Bowra, Robyn Dunne, Kristen Cornwell Karen Jacobsen and myself, have scattered far and wide in our musical careers and lives since then but those performances truly cemented a bond that holds us all close to this day.

Then in 2009, with Spiritworks and Jeff Lewis as our financial wings, we toured the country with “Joni: a tribute to the legendary Joni Mitchell.”  With Rachel as Music Director, our line-up included Katie Noonan, Wendy Matthews, Kristin Berardi, Tania Bowra, and Virna Sanzone and an awe-inspiring 12-piece band. Singing with these amazing girls and playing to true Joni fans on a much larger scale was something I will never forget. And I managed to remember all 7 million verses of Come In From The Cold!!!

So why the post after all this time? Well thanks to Facebook our promo pic and advertising sent us all back down memory lane … and has prompted Rachel and I to start thinking that we have probably lapsed in our 5 yearly celebration plan of Joni’s music… and that would never do! 7 years …. How did that happen?

Check out some memorabilia and pics below.


Louise has now stepped down from her role as CO-EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, MUSIC to work on new projects that have had to take second place for the past few years due to her work commitments on The Voice.

Appointed by Shine Australia in 2011 to head up the Music Team for the Australian version of the hit series THE VOICE for Network Nine, Louise was an integral player in creating the DNA of the localised format that broke all audience records for a non-sporting show in Australia. Read More

Catchy little co-writes for “Toybox”

After meeting as Consultants for the Talent Development Project of NSW, I was so thrilled to be asked by the effervescent Barb Griffin to co-write some songs on spec with her for Beyond Productions for 7’s children’s TV show “Toybox”.

We can now add some catchy kids’ titles to our respective resumes – including the 3 that made the cut – La La La La Love The Music, Best Friends and Why?

Those sessions were too much fun …..picture if you will 2 quite mature women bouncing around a studio singing in little girl’s voices …..what a gem she is to work with!

Here is our little demo of  La La La La Love The Music! Love ya Barbs!



Louise has had a wonderful association with Manly Jazz Festival over the years. First appearing with Erana Clark and Barry Leaf in 2007 as part of an all-star band that included John Foreman, she returned in 2012, managing to escape her duties at The Voice for just one sunny and slightly windy afternoon to take over The Oceanfront stage with her sensational band. Audiences danced to a stunning set in the sunshine with Peter Northcote (guitar), Warren Trout (drums), Nick Sinclair (bass), Wendy Anggerani (keys) and delicious guest vocals and a duet or two with Glenn Whitehall & Rachelle Medley.


Upcoming Joni Mitchell shows and more…

I have been lucky enough to do some great gigs of late – Taronga Park Zoo being a highlight as well as my very favourite, The Basement.

It is very nice to be back treading the boards again after what seems like an eternity. Working in television hasn’t really allowed me the time to do much singing but I am trying to change all of that this year.

Most exciting gigs to look forward to are the Joni Mitchell shows I will be doing in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in October and November with some beautiful singers and a great band.
Have a look at the youtube promotional video.

Well that’s all from me for the moment. I have some songs to learn!


December 2007

It really is high time that I updated this page! Life is, as always, moving so fast….no excuse I know but there it is.

I have spent much of the last few years working to give other singers and musicians their place in the sun on Australian Television, working on such programmes as Australian Idol and Australia Day Live for the Ten Network and It Takes Two for the Seven Network. More and more I find myself working as a Music Producer for Television rather than singing my own song. Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying the challenges of this new road I am taking immensely – learning much along the way from the very talented performers I work with and the amazing production crews who work tirelessly to get things to air. Behind the scenes is a very interesting place to be indeed. This new role has afforded me the chance to step back from my singing and songwriting career and review it carefully, given me the chance to meet some intriguing and influential people and, when I do get to sing, enjoying the fact that it feels so much the more luscious for the sheer joy of being able to……oh and pay my mortgage:-)

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In the last 12 months I have watched with awe as my life has taken more than a few unexpected turns. I have reached some milestones, achieved some major goals, hurdled some obstacles and come out with the twinkle in my eye still intact. I hope you make it through to the bottom of this newsletter because that’s where the very best news of all is!
Ladies and Gentlemen, the year that was·here goes!

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June marks the 1ST ANNIVERSARY of Soul Tracks. In just one year, the number of visitors to the site has jumped to almost 60,000 (in May) – a far cry from the 200 or so that visited in their first month on the internet.

With a goal of serving Soul Music fans by providing a link to the great Soul Music artists of the past 40 years as well as talented newer artists “most of whom are almost criminally under-appreciated by commercial radio”, Soul Tracks was launched in June of 2003. It includes artist bios, “where are they now” features on classic soul stars, and introductions to great modern soul artists. Some of my favourite artists are featured on this site.

But I digress!

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