Whisper My Name

A superb collection of finely crafted, award-winning R&B songs from one of Australia’s most versatile and energetic performers. Louise has been compared to greats such as Laura Nyro, Minnie Riperton and Anita Baker as a result of this recording. You will want to come back to this album again and again.

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Whatever Lucy SaysLouise Perryman & the Paisley Couch Project

Contemporary, award-winning organic pop with soul . It is laid-back rhythms, smokey vocals and gorgeous stories. Sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes comforting, Louise sings purely and unaffectedly, in a heartfelt, direct-from-her-soul-to-yours manner. This recording is a departure from her usual soul/R&B offerings but the voice and the attention to lyric and melody remain.

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The Painter and the BirdLouise Perryman & Bill Risby

Be transported by this mesmerising selection of timeless songs presented intimately and beautifully on piano and vocals.
Recorded on a friend’s Steinway, and with their pet bird chirping in the background and the painter next door moving his ladder constantly (!), the songs are sometimes played exactly as written, and sometimes not, but always with Bill’s superb touch and sense of romance and Louise’s soulful, stirring vocals.

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Come On-A My House

Known around the Sydney, Australia music scene as “the white woman with the black voice”, Louise glides effortlessly from contemporary adult pop to smooth soul, to erotically inviting rock, to memorable award-winning ballads. Recorded at The Sydney Opera House, this is the cd that launched Louise onto the soul music scene.

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Nowhere Near Eleven

With just one or two guitars or simply piano as well as hand percussion, the vocals are given the chance to be the star here. This award-winning recording is a celebration of what can be achieved “live” with little instrumentation and amplification. Well crafted, sensitively composed and arranged, the songs are at times humorous, instantly “hummable” and always heartfelt and honest.Read More