Catchy little co-writes for “Toybox”

After meeting as Consultants for the Talent Development Project of NSW, I was so thrilled to be asked by the effervescent Barb Griffin to co-write some songs on spec with her for Beyond Productions for 7’s children’s TV show “Toybox”.

We can now add some catchy kids’ titles to our respective resumes – including the 3 that made the cut – La La La La Love The Music, Best Friends and Why?

Those sessions were too much fun …..picture if you will 2 quite mature women bouncing around a studio singing in little girl’s voices …..what a gem she is to work with!

Here is our little demo of  La La La La Love The Music! Love ya Barbs!


Big hot air balloon, halfway to the moon…

There is something very lovely about what you find when your head’s up in the clouds…

It took me weeks to write exactly what I needed to say with this song…but I am glad I finally found it.

Brydon Stace produced this demo for me and spent much more time on it than he should have for what I paid him – thankyou, AS USUAL, Brydie.

Australian Idol Top 13 Single 2005

This is the track that the 2005 Australian Idol Top 13 released as their single. I was the Music Producer at the time on Idol, so it was great to be able to write something for the kids to sing. Written with Brydon Stace and John Foreman, the song did very well in the charts and is still downloaded and played in arenas as a pre-show warm up to this day to get the crowd vibing!