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My friends at soul express online have featured me this month in their hard copy magazine – a double page spread to be precise!
Based in Europe – Finland to be exact – this printed issue goes to subscribers (soul enthusiasts!) from 15 different countries all over the world – mainly European (Scandinavia, UK, Netherlands).
If you are a soul fan, this mag is a must – check out how to get your hands on a copy at
Thanks go out to Barry Towler for his great interview questions and to Ismo Tenkanen who runs the site.
I am also second, just behind Gabrielle Goodman (Chaka Khan’s backing vocalist), on the Serious Soul Chart for May – up from 6 where I entered the chart last month.

Lookey here!

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A new internet indiemusic-show called “ALOOGA BOOM” is born via out of Sinzig, Germany and I am very proud to be on the very first playlist. A shout-out to DJ Ottic who found “whisper my name” on the net and asked if he could play it – but, of course.
Check it out at alooga


Thur 27 May, 9pm
The Basement
29 Reiby Place, Circular Quay
Tickets $20.
Bookings, ph: 92512797 or online:

The timeless relevance of the music of legendary Canadian musician/composer/artist Joni Mitchell is undoubtedly one of the reasons why her songs have endured from one generation to the next… and now the next.

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As of May 1, 2004, Birdland Records (in conjunction with Creative Vibes) will be distributing “Whisper My Name” throughout Australia and New Zealand.
Birdland Records, the famous store in Barrack St, Sydney, has long been a supporter of the cd and now they are helping me out even more.

So…don’t hold back…tell all your rellies wherever they may be across Oz and NZ that they can now get a copy at their local music store. If they don’t have it in stock, they can certainly order it in.

I hope you will help me spread the word.


What a magical weekend in a magical place. Ably supported by the extreme talents of Bill Risby (keys), Libby Bee (bass), David Longo (guitar) and Peter Drummond (drums), we proceeded to rock the jazz festival late into the night with tunes from “whisper my name” and “come on-a my house” as well as some of my favourite covers. We started off very cool and jazz/soul-like but where we ended up each night was anyone’s guess. The audiences at Thredbo sure know how to party!

A highlight for me was an outdoor Sunday morning gig by the pool with Jeff Duff and his band and my band joining forces. As most of my gigs didn’t start until 11pm (and Jeff’s until midnight) each night, it was a little tough to rise but once we got going it was superb.

I sold an astonishing amount of cds to some great people that weekend. What a pleasure to play at such a great event.


I’m not sure if y’all know how soul patrol net radio works… so if you don’t here’s the drum. The good thing about this kind of net radio is that these programmes are recorded and can be accessed and downloaded at any time. There are some fantastic things to listen to – it’s not just about playing the music – the shows are really well researched and contain so much information it’s like going back to school!!!. There’s one show just out on Stevie Wonder which is sure to be a hugely popular show.
So, I’m still in the Top 20 and have been since January – a good sign.

If you haven’t visited then you should do so right now.


It amazes me every day that an independent cd, produced in Australia, can reach so far and wide. My site at has a great deal of traffic every day and, thankfully, purchases to match! To date I have sold ‘whisper my name’ into the US, the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Finland, The Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and even Senegal!

A truly sincere thank you to all of you who take the time to send me an email once you have received the cd. I love being able to talk to people all over the world.

Whisper My Name – Patrick Van de Wiele at

Patrick has very kindly translated this review for me as he wrote it in Dutch. This site comes out of the Flemish speaking part of Belgium. All I can tell you is that the site looks great and my review shares a page with the likes of Norah Jones and Quincy Jones and Sky! You can visit the site at if you are fluent in Dutch!!

“Louise Perryman from Australia is not known in these parts. Some of us will categorize her as R&B, others as neo soul, or pop with a jazzy touch. Louise transcends all those musical boundaries and she does her own thing. In the USA she is called, “The white woman with the black voice” and with the release of her 4th album, she now gets the attention of soul lovers around the world. She co-wrote all the songs and has a clear voice. The title track has a mid-tempo, while ‘Play Your Game’ sounds rather relaxed as a quiet storm. ‘Everybody Need A Little Love’ is more up-tempo and ‘Stay’ is a powerful ballad. One of the highlights is ‘Thinkin’ Too Much’, which was elected by the Australian Songwriter’s Association as R&B Song of the Year. And then it’s time for the wonderful ballad ‘Prayer For You’. ‘This Is Heaven’ breathes a smooth jazz atmosphere and the album finishes with ‘You Can’t Stop Me Now’, which leans towards pop. Louise sounds sometimes soulful, sometimes full of energy and sometimes smooth as silk. She is really an artist who deserves to be internationally known. The album was produced by co-songwriter Kere Buchanan, and is for sale on her homepage.

Patrick Van de Wiele at


Hooray – some Australian airplay! Cheers to Ross Ward for his continuing support. Ross posted his OWN COPY from Byron to Eurobodalla so that Tony Jaggers could hear it. It worked Ross – thanks mate!

“Whisper My Name” was featured album on Tony’s show, “Mojos and Jellyrolls”, at Eurobodalla 107.5 – a great show with an ALL AUSSIE PLAYLIST! I was in great company with the likes of The Waifs, Bondi Cigars, Phil Manning, Ray Beadle, Kevin Borich, Ross Ward and more.
107.5’s main signal is broadcast to the Eurobodalla area, however it has been known to reach as far north as Milton, south as Bega and west as Braidwood.


The “Quality Time Cream Cuts Chart” is a listing of the classiest album tracks of the week!
Updated weekly, see below how “Play Your Game” is fairing for April 3, 2004. You will recall that is a site out of Finland.

My friend, Ismo, tells me that my album is selling well out of a tiny shop in central Helsinki, which is open only on Saturdays – for just 4 hours a week! He emailed me with the news that “I’ve played your CD to many shop visitors – they have been amazed when I’ve told them that this is a white lady from Australia – if the client likes music of Anita Baker, Phyllis Hyman, she/he likes your music, too!” He adds, “Suprisingly, we have had also feedback from U.S. and even from Caribbean Islands – requesting your CD after we have introduced it as our album of the month in Soul Express online!”
They are also featuring me in their hard copy magazine, available only to subscribers, in an in-depth interview due out any moment now.
How cool is that! Music makes the world go round!

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