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Bill Risby co-writes and recordings…

I have done many gigs and recorded many tracks with Bill over the years, a highlight being our CD, The Painter & The Bird. Here are 3 more tracks…

Merry Go Round

Written with Bill,  audiences love this song when we do it live.

La Vie Continuera

This song is to go on Bill’s new album “Around the World” to be released through Instinctive Travels. I get to sing in French – great fun!

The Shadow of Your Smile

Produced by Bill – this is a very different treatment to an amazing old song.

Special Projects & New Song Demos

On this page below you will find a selection of some recordings that are yet to find their way onto a CD as well as a diverse range of projects that I am currently working on or have worked on in the past. 
Some are completed recordings, others are just demos at this stage.
 Enjoy the preview!


Still Hoping

This is a quick demo of a song that I wrote with the amazing Gary Pinto and my good friend, Brydon Stace.

I hope this song finds its way onto a CD one day. I still don’t know how we managed to get all 3 of us in a room at the same time with all of our schedules but we did and I am so glad.


It was an absolute joy to encourage other singers and watch them blossom on The Voice in my role as Co-Executive Producer – Music, and I was definitely singing and surrounded by music everyday, but there certainly wasn’t any time for me to hit the stage. So it is time for me to do that again… And, to create and write again … And to find new and exciting ways to utilise all of the skills that I have gathered over the last …a-hum …30 years or so! And so, dragonflymusic is now launched into the world….

dfly baby

“dragonflymusic is a boutique music consultancy that continues to blossom out of over 30 years of experience in the industry on both performance and production stages. From ground level performance coaching and repertoire guidance for young singers to casting and executive music production at the highest levels of the touring and television entertainment industry, we have the expertise and specialist base poised and waiting in the wings to take on your music needs from every angle and in every direction…”

Whilst I have many and varied wonderful things arriving on my doorstep now to keep me busy, I am really excited about 2 new projects in particular. One is the creation of an animation project, Willow’s Whimsical World, with gifted mixed media artist, Jennifer Bedford that is currently in negotiations with a production partner and the other, a fantastical music-based television drama for teenagers with celebrated children’s tv personality and voice-over artist, Joanna Moore.

So there is lots going on and, of course, all bookings for vocal work can be done either here or through 

“The Voice” Highlights

Catchy little co-writes for “Toybox”

After meeting as Consultants for the Talent Development Project of NSW, I was so thrilled to be asked by the effervescent Barb Griffin to co-write some songs on spec with her for Beyond Productions for 7’s children’s TV show “Toybox”.

We can now add some catchy kids’ titles to our respective resumes – including the 3 that made the cut – La La La La Love The Music, Best Friends and Why?

Those sessions were too much fun …..picture if you will 2 quite mature women bouncing around a studio singing in little girl’s voices …..what a gem she is to work with!

Here is our little demo of  La La La La Love The Music! Love ya Barbs!


Big hot air balloon, halfway to the moon…

There is something very lovely about what you find when your head’s up in the clouds…

It took me weeks to write exactly what I needed to say with this song…but I am glad I finally found it.

Brydon Stace produced this demo for me and spent much more time on it than he should have for what I paid him – thankyou, AS USUAL, Brydie.

Australian Idol Top 13 Single 2005

This is the track that the 2005 Australian Idol Top 13 released as their single. I was the Music Producer at the time on Idol, so it was great to be able to write something for the kids to sing. Written with Brydon Stace and John Foreman, the song did very well in the charts and is still downloaded and played in arenas as a pre-show warm up to this day to get the crowd vibing!