Whisper My NameMichael Smith, The Drum Media

Now here’s a singer/songwriter working the silky smooth end of R&B/funk, not the contemporary version with its glissandos but the jazz/cabaret end, if you will,the field Sade ploughed so successfully a few years ago. Smokier and funkier than Sade however, Louise is more old school, with a dash of that Philly sound here, that Earth Wind & Fire flash there. This is one sophisticated lady, and she’s surrounded herself with a group of musicians as tasteful as she to deliver..as aware of space as they are of groove and technique.
And she’s called in some great players indeed, perfectly complimenting Louise’s voice. Guitarist Peter Northcote shines with a rare subtlety, while Kere Buchanan not only shares some of the writing with Louise but also plays keyboards and drums and even adds to some of the harmony blocks that add that little extra soul/gospel feel to songs like Prayer For You and This Is Heaven. Beautiful stuff, delivered with a quiet passion.

Whether that’s a good thing in a country like Australia, where this style has never really found fertile soil is a moot point. Perhaps that’s why Louise has found the European community embracing this album where she remains a simple working girl struggling to make a living out of her original music here. Whisper My Name is the kind of late night chillout album that begs for serious AOR airplay commitment in Australian radio. The reality is that the best hope for Louise and artists like her, in the long term, is to get a copy of the album to Whitney Housten so that the American diva records a version of Stay and makes Lou a million bucks. Then she can just get on and make the music she wants to make for an appreciative European audience, tour there during the northern summer, and enjoy sydney’s slowly evolving cosmopolitan life without having to worry too much about whether this city is picking up on what she’s doing.

Michael Smith, The Drum Media

Whisper My NameBarry Towler at soulexpress.net

This fantastic CD had languished on my wants list for well over a year – and now Louise has re-issued the set with a 2004 imprint. Those of you who love the quality soul-jazz of Khani Cole, Marilyn Scott, DeBorah Bond and Brenda Hillman will simply be biting the hands off stockists for this CD.

Louise Perryman hails from Australia – a place not noted for anything other than Rock music – and drops a musical bombshell of 8 scorching tracks sizzling with soul, jazz, and pure sass.

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Whisper My NameDJ Fazio at thejazznation.com

She’s a voice for every woman and one that every man could listen to. Hailing from Australia, Louise Perryman sings universal emotions, bearing their smooth soul, yet revealing raw edges. Joining her are celebrated Aussie musicians: Peter Northcote (guitar), Bill Risby (piano), and on drums, Kere Buchanan (who co-wrote all but one song). Whisper My Name is Perryman’s 4th album and with it she brings a depth… an honesty, that is so refreshing! Skillfully utilizing life’s experiences, she penned all lyrics and co-wrote all tunes. The message is clear and Louise Perryman delivers it resoundingly on her latest CD Whisper My Name.

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When www.soul-patrol.com announced its Top 5 New Artists for 2003 and its Top 20 New Releases for 2003, there were only 3 artists who made it on to both lists. One of those 3 artists was Louise Perryman.

The Top 20 included names like Marvin Gaye, Marcus Miller, Tower of Power, Barry White, The Temptations…

Quite a feat for a girl from Sydney, Australia.

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Whisper My Name

I’m lured back to the days where melody, touch, tone and feel mattered. This is the real thing.”

Whisper My NameTracy from Pirate Radio

“I played both Play Your Game and Whisper My Name and people said you were just what the music world needed, a shot in the arm of REAL music. People loved it!! So, I’ll be playing your music all evening long on my radio show that I do in the States.
I get a worldwide audience online of over 230,000 listeners.”
New Breed Inc.

Whisper My Name – Patrick Van de Wiele at keysandchords.com

Patrick has very kindly translated this review for me as he wrote it in Dutch. This site comes out of the Flemish speaking part of Belgium. All I can tell you is that the site looks great and my review shares a page with the likes of Norah Jones and Quincy Jones and Sky! You can visit the site at www.keysandchords.com if you are fluent in Dutch!!

“Louise Perryman from Australia is not known in these parts. Some of us will categorize her as R&B, others as neo soul, or pop with a jazzy touch. Louise transcends all those musical boundaries and she does her own thing. In the USA she is called, “The white woman with the black voice” and with the release of her 4th album, she now gets the attention of soul lovers around the world. She co-wrote all the songs and has a clear voice. The title track has a mid-tempo, while ‘Play Your Game’ sounds rather relaxed as a quiet storm. ‘Everybody Need A Little Love’ is more up-tempo and ‘Stay’ is a powerful ballad. One of the highlights is ‘Thinkin’ Too Much’, which was elected by the Australian Songwriter’s Association as R&B Song of the Year. And then it’s time for the wonderful ballad ‘Prayer For You’. ‘This Is Heaven’ breathes a smooth jazz atmosphere and the album finishes with ‘You Can’t Stop Me Now’, which leans towards pop. Louise sounds sometimes soulful, sometimes full of energy and sometimes smooth as silk. She is really an artist who deserves to be internationally known. The album was produced by co-songwriter Kere Buchanan, and is for sale on her homepage.

Patrick Van de Wiele at keysandchords.com

Whisper My NameChris Rizik at soultracks.com

Here’s the very latest review folks! Needless to say I am also thrilled with this one.

Soul Tracks is a leading site that is “tracking the world’s greatest soul music.” It includes artist bios, “where are they now” features on classic soul stars, and introductions to great modern soul artists.

It features great artists like Patti Austin, Anita Baker, George Benson, Peabo Bryson, Bobby Caldwell, Donny Hathaway, Lalah Hathaway, India.Arie,
James Ingram, Frank McComb, Michael McDonald, Smokey Robinson and Bill Withers.
…And great soul outfits like Average White Band, Commodores, Four Tops, Isley Brothers, O’Jays, Spinners, Stylistics, Tavares and Temptations.

Soul Express Magazine has recently referred to the site as “a highly recommended soul site especially for lovers of classy 70s and 80s soul music and classy modern soul vocalists.”

If you love soul music, you really should pay a visit to www.soutracks.com

The Review

Sometimes, it pays to open your email. My most pleasant surprise so far this year was hearing in January from Louise Perryman, a gifted pop/soul vocalist from Australia who is getting some attention in Soul Music circles due to her new release, Whisper My Name. Perryman has been labeled “The white woman with the black voice.” Well, I don’t know what color she sounds like, but it’s one that I like. From the moment I put Whisper in my CD player, her deep, husky alto wrapped itself around song (and me) and didn’t let go. Perryman’s voice is most often compared to Anita Baker, and there is truth to that comparison. I think a closer match may be Kathy Troccoli, another underrated deep-voiced singer, though Perryman’s delivery and material are richer and much more soulful.

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Whisper My Name Review Bob Davis soul-patrol.com

What’s in a label? Is this a jazz album or is it an R&B album?

CD Review: Louise Perryman – Whisper My Name

I mentioned this CD earlier in the year as one of the best releases I have heard so far in 2003. My opinion of it has grown since that time….
There is a long history of white women singing R&B music that black people have automatically accepted when they have heard the music. Australian Louise Perryman fits neatly into that tradition! Sometimes Louise Perryman’s voice reminds me of Anita Baker, sometimes she reminds me of Laura Nyro, and sometimes she reminds me of Maria Muldar. The music playing behind her sweet and sultry voice is kinda in a “70’s Jazz-Funk” mode, not unlike that of Minnie Riperton’s “Adventures In Paradise” All of these tracks are original compositions; so obviously Louise is quite talented. That is obvious from the first song, “Whisper My Name”…
“Whisper my name, over and over
Can you say it to me the way you say it when it’s just you and me
The more I see, the more I want it
The more I need
It’s more than just a breeze
Carrying you and me
This love is like a hurricane chasing the wind
Hush now baby, we can have it all
If you hush now baby, listen to your heart
Oh, hush now baby, ain’t no need for words
Nothing’s been the same”
This is some STRONG, SERIOUS and SENSOUS songwriting here folks…
(And it’s one of the best CD releases that I have heard this year)
So far this year, “Whisper My Name” is flat out the most erotic CD I have heard and would make a perfect CD to follow the CD “Consenting Adultz” by our own resident lover man, Will Wheaton. So be sure to clear out a place in your stack of CDs.
Are you looking for something a little bit different to throw into your “3am Mix”, right after Will Wheaton and just before Barry White?
And at “3am”, does it really matter if you want to call it a “jazz album” or an R&B album?
You can’t go wrong with Louise Perryman’s “Whisper My Name”.

JUST STICK IT IN (the CD player) and do yo thang 🙂
http://www.louiseperryman.com/ (and look for some of this music soon on Soul-Patrol.Net radio)
– Bob Davis, www.soul-patrol.com (US) EROTIC?? – well I never!!!…..check out what is going on at http://www.soul-patrol.com