Whisper My Name

A superb collection of finely crafted, award-winning R&B songs from one of Australia’s most versatile and energetic performers. Louise has been compared to greats such as Laura Nyro, Minnie Riperton and Anita Baker as a result of this recording. You will want to come back to this album again and again.

Track Listing

  • whisper my name
  • play your game
  • everybody need a little love
  • stay
  • thinkin’ too much
  • prayer for you
  • this is heaven
  • you can’t stop me now

Capturing the timelessness of classic SOUL/R&B, ” Whisper My Name”, combines Louise’s impossibly pure vocals with Australia’s finest musicians. And the result is truly exhilarating. Stripped of vocal gymnastics and heavy-handed production tricks favoured by so many artists these days, Louise Perryman delivers her own brand of SOUL/ R&B. One can almost hear the studio reverberate with joy at the sounds of real musicians and artists at the peak of their craft. (Thankfully, there is not a drum machine within a thousand mile radius of this album!)

For those not fortunate enough to have experienced Louise Perryman live, this recording captures her vibrant essence and electrifying stage presence. She is as swept up by her music as any listener is – and it shines through on every track. It is an immensely mature album from a woman who knows her subject matter and sings it with a rare intensity. A gifted writer, Louise skillfully draws you deeper into her lyrical web with each listen.

“Whisper My Name” takes you on a journey of love, heartbreak and soul searching delivered with an intense honesty and raw passion. The seductive invitation of the title track segues effortlessly from the quiet pain of “Stay” to the hypnotic rhythm of the award winning “Thinkin Too Much. Each track is a tribute to the power of positive energy and will bring a special joy to your ears.

“Whisper My Name” is style with substance – Louise Perryman will go straight to your heart.

And the sweet irony is, that with an album titled “Whisper my Name”, the extraordinary voice and songs of Louise Perryman, will finally be recognised – loud and clear.

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