Joni’s Facebook Reminder

My love of Joni’s music is no secret to all who know me and I have been supremely blessed to take part in some amazing concerts celebrating her music over the last few decades.

It all started back in 1999 when a group of us, led by the gorgeous Rachel Gaudry decided to put on a show at The Basement in Sydney. It was definitely a labour of love, as is the intricacy of Joni’s work. A true collaborative effort between all musicians and singers made our very first show one of the most extraordinary experiences I have ever had on stage. Apparently over 100 people were turned away that night from The Basement doors, but those who were inside that room celebrated as one. We quickly followed with a return booking and then revisited the project again in 2004.

Our very first line-up, featuring Rachel Gaudry, Sarah McGregor, Tania Bowra, Robyn Dunne, Kristen Cornwell Karen Jacobsen and myself, have scattered far and wide in our musical careers and lives since then but those performances truly cemented a bond that holds us all close to this day.

Then in 2009, with Spiritworks and Jeff Lewis as our financial wings, we toured the country with “Joni: a tribute to the legendary Joni Mitchell.”  With Rachel as Music Director, our line-up included Katie Noonan, Wendy Matthews, Kristin Berardi, Tania Bowra, and Virna Sanzone and an awe-inspiring 12-piece band. Singing with these amazing girls and playing to true Joni fans on a much larger scale was something I will never forget. And I managed to remember all 7 million verses of Come In From The Cold!!!

So why the post after all this time? Well thanks to Facebook our promo pic and advertising sent us all back down memory lane … and has prompted Rachel and I to start thinking that we have probably lapsed in our 5 yearly celebration plan of Joni’s music… and that would never do! 7 years …. How did that happen?

Check out some memorabilia and pics below.

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