December 2007

It really is high time that I updated this page! Life is, as always, moving so fast….no excuse I know but there it is.

I have spent much of the last few years working to give other singers and musicians their place in the sun on Australian Television, working on such programmes as Australian Idol and Australia Day Live for the Ten Network and It Takes Two for the Seven Network. More and more I find myself working as a Music Producer for Television rather than singing my own song. Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying the challenges of this new road I am taking immensely – learning much along the way from the very talented performers I work with and the amazing production crews who work tirelessly to get things to air. Behind the scenes is a very interesting place to be indeed. This new role has afforded me the chance to step back from my singing and songwriting career and review it carefully, given me the chance to meet some intriguing and influential people and, when I do get to sing, enjoying the fact that it feels so much the more luscious for the sheer joy of being able to……oh and pay my mortgage:-)

Highlights have included:

finally finishing production of “whatever Lucy says” and playing it live at The Basement with my fabulous band – I love seeing the songs come to life on stage;

writing the track, ” Still Hoping”, with the gorgeous Gary Pinto and my much loved friend, Brydon Stace;

singing backing vocals for Anthony Callea – especially the outdoor concert in Perth…;

doing a co-write called “If You Were Mine” with St Paul Peterson who was a member of Prince’s band “The Time”, Rob Arthur from “Five For Fighting” and Brydon (who doesn’t need to be from “anything” to be famous to me!!);

meeting highly respected keyboard player, Ricky Peterson, when he was out on tour with John Mayer (met John too but it wasn’t as exciting as meeting Ricky for me because I have loved his playing FOREVER);

singing backing vocals for Sarah Blasko at the Make Poverty History Concert at the Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne and standing side of stage while U2 and Pearl Jam opened the show for us (still don’t really believe that one but I have the pics to prove it!);

performances with my sublime Melbourne band at the Spiegeltent – hi to Ben, Gary and Danny :-);

meeting Michael Buble – just lovely;

winning the Australian Songwriters Association Song Of The Year for “genius of love” from my new album “whatever Lucy says” – yay to my co-writers Tony King, Kris Ralph and Bill Risby and yo to my producer, Sam Hawksley!;

getting continual support from my fabulous overseas friends such as Bob Davis at, Baldwin Smith at and Chris Rizik at;

seeing so much more live music than I have been able to in the past with my handsome and brave concert buddy Ryan;

spending quality time with my much loved and forever generous friends;

doing an Eagles Tribute concert at Sydney’s premier music venue, The Basement, with an amazing group of singers and musos – what fantastic and challenging music it is;

getting through Night in Tunisia without any spills (ha ha) at the Manly Jazz Festival with the ridiculously talented Erana Clark, Gary Pinto, John Foreman and The Australian Idol Band;

having a few VERY romantic holidays;

hanging out with my family and watching my nephews, Oscar and Max, blossom;

having Amy Pearson and the young girls from the Life Changing Experiences Foundation Sister 2 Sister programme record my song, ” When It’s Right For You” – special thanks to all of the people I roped in to make that happen and to my co-writers, Brooke McClymont and Anthony Egizii;

getting lots of encouraging emails from people who hear my music – thankyou so much;

continually discovering more music and loving the fact that it is so much more accessible than it ever was – go you independent artists!!!!!

Hardly seems like much but there you have it. Wishing you all that you hope for in the holiday season and beyond,

Louise x

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